Our vision is to become the leading investment holding company dedicated to development of Mongolia, enhancing and benefitting progress of Mongolian people.


We aim to create value by developing a broad-based portfolio of projects, operations and exploration programs in a range of industrial sectors, in natural resources in a range of commodities and regions across Mongolia, securing development and production, building trusted partnerships and being the preferred vehicle for investors and entrepreneurs.


Strategies that will lead us to success:

  • Nationwide reach: activities in a portfolio of assets and companies across all of Mongolia.
  • Multi-commodity exposure: production and exploration assets, including coal, iron, gold, copper, fluorspar, quartz and oil & gas exploration blocks.
  • Development of synergies: value creation through the transfer of knowledge and skills and realization of synergies across the portfolio companies and industries. Establishing partnerships and learning from leaders of industries, locally and internationally.
  • Trusted partnerships: being the preferred vehicle for Mongolian investors, entrepreneurs and partners.
  • High-quality Management: led by a skilled and experienced team, able to secure beneficial deals, projects and return

Core Values

  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Personal respect
  • Common sense
  • Communication