RichFluorite LLC

Richfluorite LLC is a subsidiary company that concentrates on fluorite and quartz exploration, exploitation and processing.

Fluorspar Project

Currently we are carrying out activities in our sites with rich fluorite deposits for which we hold mining and exploration licenses.
Encouraged by Mongolia’s abundant possession of fluorite in the international arena, we are eager to emerge as an internationally competent company and are aiming to become one of the top producers for this kind of products in the near future.

Quartz Project

As the result of our explorations of quartz in our mining and exploration license areas we currently have reached the stage of exploitation. Quartz is the main raw material that is widely used for producing glass products in the era of computer technology and generation of rapidly developing high-tech products which accelerates industrial growth.

Tengri Terra Resources LLC

Tengri Terra Resources LLC is a subsidiary company of Tengri Holdings. The company is successfully investing and conducting explorations for various potential gold and copper projects.