TENGRI Holdings historical development path is inseparably associated with the tourism sector. Initially founded as a tourism company we are running this business successfully for more than 20 years in this industry.

Mongolian tourism industry has earned international recognition by offering very unique products and services and it has been developing sustainably as a key economic sector. Based on our experience and numerous opportunities offered by this industry we are full of aspiration to continue our achievements.

In order to introduce the country of Mongolia, Mongolians, Mongolian history and its beautiful land and historical heritages to domestic and foreign guests, we have created a book called “Mongolia – Nomad Empire of Eternal Blue Sky “ in 2011 that is revised and published  every year by Hong Kong based Odyssey Books and Guides Publications.

We also worked with Odyssey Books and Guides Publications on re-publishing an acclaimed book “The Silk Road – Monks, Warriors and Merchants” and published it in 2013.