Chinggis Khaan’s Ongon LLC

Chinggis Khaan’s Ongon (Sanctity) LLC was established in 2008 and aims to promote Eastern region tourism of Mongolia. We plan to establish “Mongol Khaans’ Theme Park” to showcase “The Great Emperor Chinggis Khaan’s Sanctity” with the purpose of illustrating Mongolian history in a complex and set of sightseeing.

Restoring Chinggis Khaan’s Sanctity in Mongolia, following Mongolian traditions is vital for creating pride for Mongolians and Mongolian ethnic origin and for promoting Mongolian history, culture and customs to the world.

We hope we will contribute to our country’s development by building the tourist resort complex that meets modern standards and features the precious heritage of the Mongolian culture and history as a national pride, by publicizing it and carrying out environmental friendly activities in untapped land.

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