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Mongolia is a country full of opportunities for the creation of wealth, enterprise and future prosperity. Never in our history, Mongolia and Mongolian companies had so vast opportunities. It is difficult to find a historical comparison to the present situation. Everyone’s effort counts and TENGRI Holdings is committed to bring in our considerable effort to better the future of Mongolia.

From during the transition of Mongolia from a centrally planned economic system to a vibrant market-oriented economy, the humble beginnings of TENGRI have originated. It is now grown from a one-man company into a consortium with interests in several growing sectors of the Mongolian economy such as tourism and hospitality, construction and property management, agriculture and mining just to name a few.

In spring 2007, TENGRI’s management decided to consolidate its existing interests and joint ventures into a holding company in order to compliment our growth and expand our operations.

We strongly believe that tourism, agriculture, and mining are the cornerstones of the Mongolian economy.

TENGRI’s operations kicked-off with the tourism sector. We are proud to partner and be associated with Juulchin World Tours Corporation, a leading inbound and outbound tour operator of Mongolia. TENGRI’s management is proud to be credited for initiating a number of new projects in tourism and travel for the first time in Mongolia.

When one thinks of Mongolia, country of blue sky, friendly nomads and countless number of herds grazing on its endless steppes would undoubtedly come to mind. Witnessing the growth in the agricultural sector, TENGRI Holding, with due understanding of its strategic importance, decided to expanded its interests in this sector in 2007 and 2008.

Exploring and developing Mongolia, a country of vast untapped natural resources with a unique geographical positioning, holds strategic importance in the economic growth of the country. Years of research and study preceded TENGRI’s decision to diversify its activities into the mining sector.

TENGRI Holdings runs all of its operations under a single management that shares a common infrastructure. On major projects that require specialized expertise and diverse technology the TENGRI’s divisions work together seamlessly and collaborate closely with world’s leading technology companies and experts.

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