TENGRI is committed to bring in our considerable effort to better the future of Mongolia. We run world class businesses under a single management that shares a common infrastructure and on our major projects that require specialized expertise and diverse technology we work together seamlessly and collaborate closely with world’s leading technology companies and experts. We run all our business as circular business.


Mongolia is a country full of opportunities for the creation of wealth, enterprise and future prosperity. Mongolia’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Economic growth in 2012 was over 17% and averaging over 8% per annum so far this decade

China’s One-Belt-One-Road is the largest infrastructure and investment project in history. It includes 68 countries, covers 65% of the world’s population, and captures 40% of current global GDP. Tengri is perfectly positioned in terms of assets and geography. China’s has announced certain minerals that are strategic – critical to its economic growth, minerals that it no longer exports. We possess most of the minerals.


Our vision is to become the leading investment holding company dedicated to development of Mongolia, enhancing and benefitting progress of Mongolian people.


We aim to create value by developing a broad-based portfolio of projects, operations and exploration programs in a range of industrial sectors, in natural resources in a range of commodities and regions across Mongolia, securing development and production, building trusted partnerships and being the preferred vehicle for investors and entrepreneurs.


TENGRI’s license and permit portfolio is wide and deep. The energy projects include the generation, transmission and sale of conventional electricity, renewable electricity, and synthetic gas. The mining projects include extraction of a huge range of minerals including quartz, fluorspar, lithium, graphite, silver, and rare earth elements. The beneficiation projects include creation of products for diverse markets including solar panels, semiconductors, batteries, building materials, fertilizer, cattle feed, and pharmaceuticals.


Tourism and hospitality sector in Mongolia is known for its excellence in service and expertise, with a long and successful history of operation. There are endless possibilities to tailor and create services unique to the country and make this sector one of the most diverse and successful branches of the company.


Our mission is to provide superior services to its customers through effective property management, excellent services and quality construction.


Witnessing the growth in the agricultural sector, with due understanding of its considerable importance, the company decided to expand its interests into this sector and invested in its subsidiaries. Growing wheat, rapeseed and vegetables on 3,600 hectares in northern part of the country, it is working to build a world class business combining local and international know-how.


We provide financial services and advice to high net worth investors, individuals, businesses and institutions. We have provided investors with the necessary expertise and insight to meet the challenge of achieving their financial goals. Our commitment to our clients’ investment needs, our experienced and dedicated professionals, and our proud tradition empower us to deliver effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

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