Fluorspar is a “Critical Mineral”. Using the World Bank Index for critical raw materials, the European Commission nominated Fluorspar as such along with 14 other minerals, using an index that ranks a commodities strategic importance against its supply risk. The US and Chinese authorities also highlighted the strategic importance and relative shortage of the mineral. Mongolia is third largest in the world after China and Mexico in terms of fluorspar reserves and productions. We are becoming the largest Fluorspar producer in Mongolia. Our project is becoming a high quality, high volume Acidspar production business, centrally located on the trans-Mongolian railway network, with access to all major Fluorspar markets.


Quartz is the second-most abundant mineral on the Earth’s crust. With our own quartz deposit in high resource potential, we will become a fully integrated Silicon Metal Producer in the world. Our project focuses on the industry’s premium grade segment. We will use a unique process in the world that can transform Quartz (98.1% SiO2) into Silicon Metal (99.99% Si). Global market is facing with strong demand from millennium for solar energy, note rise of the electric automobile and solar city projects around the world.


With all the amazing properties of it, it is the Wonder material of the 21st Century:

  • Thinnest material hardly imaginable
  • Harder than diamond and heat even better than diamond
  • Strongest material ever measured, 200 times stronger than steel
  • Conducts electricity and heat best known so far greater than copper

It comes in focus in 2010 when the Noble Prize was granted for the Groundbreaking experiments regarding two dimensional material “Graphene”. And we are becoming a significant player in global Graphene market.


We are also developing certain projects on other industrial minerals including precious and base Metals, Rare Earth Elements, Coking Coal, chemicals and construction materials…

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