Tengri Foundation, which supports humanitarian activities, established by Tengri Holdings, has awarded scholarships to the youth, our future generation, in order to foster their zest, aspiration, and provide them the opportunity to prosper.

We have donated “Mongolia – Nomad Empire of Eternal Blue Sky“ book to students in secondary schools, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, for the purpose of promoting the knowledge of foreign language and fostering the knowledge about our history, homeland and national pride.


In collaboration with the student volunteer organization “My Club Community”, Tengri Holdings has organized a campaign to protect nature and has planted 140,000 trees over last five years

TENGRI Holdings, through its subsidiary Chinggis Khaan’s Ongon LLC, has planted 100,000 trees at Mungunmorit soum of Tuv aimag over last four years and the place is where we are establishing “Mongol Khaans’ Theme Park” to showcase “The Great Emperor Chinggis Khaan’s Sanctity”.


In order to introduce the country of Mongolia, Mongolians, Mongolian history and its beautiful land and historical heritages to domestic and foreign guests, we have created a book called “Mongolia – Nomad Empire of Eternal Blue Sky” in 2011 that is revised and published every year by Hong Kong based Odyssey Books and Guides Publications.

We also worked with Odyssey Books and Guides Publications on re-publishing an acclaimed book “The Silk Road – Monks, Warriors and Merchants” and published it in 2013.

In order to introduce to Mongolian scholars and students an invaluable historical document which has never been translated into Mongolian language before, we translated and published a fabulous book “The History of Genghizcan the Great, First Emperor of the Antient Moguls and Tartars: Containing His Life, Advancement and Conquests, with a Short History of His Successors to the Present Time, the Manners, Customs and Laws of the Antient Moguls” by Francois Petis.

We have initiated and sponsored the “Historical and Cultural Heritage” TV series and documentary, in collaboration with TM and B-Point TV channels, with the intention to continue traditions and the cultural heritage to the young generation.

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